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Increase Online Pool Sales in Record Time

Now that May is here, there is going to be an obvious increase in demand for swimming pools, but not an increase in the hours in the day. That’s where Splashdown, an original, innovative web platform, comes in and saves time not only for the buyer, but for the seller too. With Splashdown, you’ll have a customer ready to start the pool construction process, and you, as a pool dealer, are excited you have made a sale in record time and with enough time to generate additional sales.

Girl laying on lounge chair by a swimming pool

Swimming Pool Trends in 2021

Spring is here, and the time is prime to roll out the lounge chairs and light up the grill. After a year of limited socializing, we can expect to see pool parties around the neighborhood as well as many people in the process of working with swimming pool designers to visualize their custom pool building projects.


Splashdown : Basic vs. Premium

We’d like to give you a quick primer on the differences between our membership options. We’re positive that we’ve got the right fit for your dealership. Once you know more about our service offerings, you can sign up here on our site!

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Deep Dive Advertising: Building Online Platforms for Custom Pool Designs...

With Deep Dive Advertising's Splashdown platform, clients create custom pool designs from the comfort of their home. Experience a safer way to build your custom pool in today’s environment.

Dollar bills falling around an open laptop on a table

Online Marketing in the Time of Corona

As we rely on the Internet now more than ever, one business directly affected to is the swimming pool industry. That’s where a fresh website, search engine optimization and a custom pool building platform come in. 


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